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FOLAFOLA achieves its goal in a variety of ways. FOLA seeks out and creates events in a variety of venues, public and private, to showcase local and beyond talents in the arts so that people can meet the artists and talents of our midst and experience their works.

FOLA devotes efforts to raise funds for worthy organizations to further art and education by hosting events and undertaking means to support those entities of our communities that can offer students of all ages as well as adults continued and new opportunities in education and the arts.

Art Sashi James Caprell & art patrons 11 08 DSC_2068.JPGTo further achieve the full impact and appreciation of beach culture arts and beyond, FOLA seeks means to develop an appropriate and intimate space to showcase a variety of arts to bring the experience, understanding, and appreciation of beach culture and beyond music, dance, theater, film, books, poetry in the best possible environment. FOLA is seeking to develop as a venue that can give full expression that unfolds the essence of the talents and experience. Such an arts venue, as envisioned by FOLA, is unique and different, geared to showcasing in an intimate manner to smaller audience renditions and art expression that can otherwise not be fully and rightfully achieved in the facilities currently available locally. Such a venue should ideally also afford learning experiences for the surrounding communities students of all ages.

Such a venue will provide a new enriching locally based experience for our communities and for our burgeoning talents to enhance our art stars and create new ones.

As a non-profit organization, FOLA, seeks and needs your support in the form of donations, expertise, volunteers, venues, materials, and you as an artist bringing us your talent to showcase.

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