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Artist Jennifer Hellman & Portia 11 08 DSC_2160.JPGFree of charge become a FOLA member. Simply go to the HOMA page and on the top left hand corner click on"Create an account"/ Then upload your name, head shot or other photo image and is you wish a brief bio.

Be part of the worthy FOLA cause of giving to arts and education and enjoy the benefits arts support and achievement for you as an artist for you as a talent, for you as someone who wants to see more art happening and reaching new heights in our community.

FOLA members represent a rich and broad spectrum of talent, fans, volunteers and passionate patrons of the arts. The fabric of FOLA embraces talents from new budding talents to well hone stars of the arts, from very young to very old. The common denominator for FOLA members is talent for arts or passion for the arts.

FOLA celebrates arts in many ways: basic, gripping, that speaks to us and majestic, awesome that wow us.

FOLA events and activities throughout the year:

  • FOLA Partnered with Business Receptions of artists, music and performances
  • FOLA Beach Culture Club showcasing Hot Bands and Acts
  • FOLA VIP Dinner Club showcasing performances
  • FOLA Parties with Notable Guests and Patrons

FOLA Members are of many kinds:

  • Music lovers and music talents, fine art lovers and fine artists, dancers and dance performance enthusiasts, authors and avid readers, actors and theater goers, film makers and film lovers, poets and poetry revelers, and the rich, deep and wide spectrum spans out to embrace cultural creative achievement.
  • Be a FOLA Member and enjoy many benefits and opportunities. Be a proud FOLA Member of a non profit organization carrying out charitable works to elevate, broaden and further arts and education.

Membership Benefits:

  • Special member prices for select FOLA ticketed events
  • Advance information of FOLA events and reservations
  • Invitation to special FOLA member only events
  • Invitation to select VIP preview events
  • Part of select photo opts, photo shoots, and press promotions.

Your name, your group’s name, posted in the FOLA membership roster of this website. Your email and phone number will remain strictly confidential, not for publication.

FOLA has available in addition to artists and talents in the arts, volunteer positions and opportunites including:

What kind of FOLA members would you like to be?  Choose from the following:

FOLA Arts Member

  • As a musician, dancer, dance production director, author, play-write, actor, film producer, or fine artist sign up to be a FOLA member:
  • Reap the benefits of becoming a FOLA Arts Member adding to the talent pool from which FOLA draws arts performances and artists to perform and be featured in the various FOLA events and activities throughout the year including:
  • Gain insights and exposure to professionals at various levels of arts accomplishment and stars in the making or realized.
  • Have access shared exchanges between artist and talents of your background and mix and gain access as well to other FOLA members who can provide your resource needs.
  • Reap important benefits by the exposure and promotion FOLA renders to its arts members not only from the FOLA membership community and through the contacts and lime light FOLA casts on its members.

FOLA Volunteer Member

  • FOLA Volunteer Members are volunteers with enthusiasm and skills that are a vital central important part of the FOLA operation: a hands-on volunteer work with FOLA to produce events in venues where talents can showcase and so arts can better be heard, be seen, and flourish more fully and widely.
  • Volunteer members act as special chairs for coordination and assistant positions that require time commitment, creativity, social interaction skills with other professionals and artists, and some that require business skills,  journalism, arts assessment, administration, event planning, computer saavy website uploading and  assistance to users, and computer data entry.

FOLA Supporter

  • Become a FOLA supporter by lending your name to FOLA, what it stands for and what is does for arts in the community and for local artists and for arts and education. Add your name to those notables and general members already supporters of FOLA works.

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