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I have been in the professional graphic design and advertising business for over 30 years, as an art director, graphic designer and creative director. What I've always known all these years is that I truly love photography. I have worked with many excellent and gifted photographers creating thousands of marvelous images for a variety of clientele, but always striving to transcend commercial photography and taking that work to a higher level.

As an image-maker his skills in design and the visual arts have realized a new purpose in his most recent work. Ever the perfectionist, he imbues the images he captures with a clarity and style that transcends the reality of the subjects. The difference between a photographic record and fine art photography is in the vision.

About His Current Work

As some of nature’s most varied and quietly spectacular output, flowers, and plants in general, provide endless detail and visual intrigue. The closer I get, the more amazed I am. With these images, I reach beyond the typical and strive for the unusual; the unexpected; be it the point of view or the specimen itself. As with most natural photography, this is more discovery than invention.

Focusing on relatively small subjects, in extreme close up, reveals incredible details and features. Some of these revelations are surprising if not downright astonishing. Many seem foreign, even other-worldly. Nature at this level can be truly spectacular. I try to capture and convey more than just botanical minutiae; I also appreciate the graphic form and structure. Gesture and a sense of motion are also qualities that I very often find.

Aging gracefully is a recurring theme in many of these images as well. The perfect flower, in all its perky glamour and exhibitionism, is a stunning thing. However a flower or a leaf past its prime is yet another state of grace. The elegance of decay is what intrigues me most.

About His Process

These images are captured at a very high resolution which provides not only incredible detail but astonishing color and tonal depth. The lighting is very soft and is most elegant in its simplicity and focus—that which is brighter is also sharper and closer. Though much of the process is digital, it is only a means to fully realize the final image and the print. I do not use digital effects to embellish or substantially change the image. The subject is as I captured it.

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when I was old enough to draw on the walls of our house.
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