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Being an artist, what does that mean? To me, it means one who practices art. I started drawing and painting when I was a kid, the only difference is I never stopped. "All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once he (or she!) grows up. ”-Pablo Picasso. This quote pretty much describes how I feel about being an artist. I never stopped practicing art because I couldn't stop. It's like getting dressed; it's always a part of my day. I have continued to paint throughout my years of running my Jewelry company and being a busy mom of two. Locally in Manhattan Beach I have had the honor of painting with Terri Burris who has been a tremendous guide in my recent artworks. I have also been privileged to teach art at the elementary level for the past 8 years through an amazing art program called Young at Art. Living by the ocean is a huge influence for me as I am constantly inspired by it's force, texture and beauty.

Wake, Make, Create and Repeat! That's my daily moto.

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